Mark Puerto

Mark Puerto

Head Instructor

Marks’ attitude towards teaching has rooted in his great passion to learn. He is admired in his efficient output as a developer of mobile and web apps. Mark is passionate about music, in the same way that he is passionate about ensuring the quality of learning his students acquire from his class.

Mark also serves in the ministry.

  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • iOS
  • GIT

Since the time Mark joined Appstone, he has certainly improved his skills and knowledge for Mobile and Web Development. His drive for excellence has resulted to a number of successful projects he handled such as CauseMama. He believes in learning by experience to get the most of the theories provided.

In his spare time, Mark likes to play musical instruments, watch movies, and read Manga. At first impression, he seems to be an introvert but don’t be deceived by his looks alone. Fun, sweet, hard-working, independent, and a strong sense of humour are just a few to describe Mark.